shannon + jeff : south dakota engagement

shannon and i sat and talked excitedly about her upcoming wedding at the historic rengstorff house in mountain view in september. and she told me about this guy, this one that stole her heart, and she talked about beautiful south dakota.

i’ll just be real right now and say what i was thinking, “south dakota…beautiful?” see when you grow up in california you have this horrible tendency to think that anywhere that far from the ocean can’t be that beautiful.

how WRONG i was about south dakota!! and just in case any california girls out there are thinking to themselves, what is even in south dakota? i hope this blog post enlightens you about this gorgeous place.

but back to shannon and jeff…

jeff is the kind of guy who, in the words of shannon’s dad, you can’t help but like. he’s just so dang sweet and funny. and i was immediately predisposed to like him when i saw the way he looked at shannon. a man who looks at his woman with that kind of fondness and love, is a man i can get behind.

you’d never guess it started with one little facebook post…

jeff had just graduated from flight school in the air force, and lots of friends were congratulating him on the facebook. but none of them quite caught his attention the same way that one little post from a girl he kind of knew in college. shannon said something like “congratulations on graduating from flight school…that’s cooler than cool” because shannon is awesome like that.

jeff did a little facebook stalking and became more and more intrigued by this shannon, who he kind of knew in college. and so he sent her a message in response to one of her statuses (be careful, ladies what you post on facebook…) about wanting to go on an adventure. jeff suggested they go on an adventure together to south america, and ended with “that would be one crazy first date.”

and would you guess that shannon was intrigued as well? wouldn’t you be if a guy asked you out on a first date to south america? well they didn’t actually go but they did spend a weekend together while some mutual friends got married in davis where they both went to college, and that was all it took for jeff to be officially smitten.

after a lot of long distance, and trips to texas where jeff was stationed, and many hours on the phone, jeff proposed to shannon.

…here’s to many adventures my friends!

I know you are going to love your new life together in south dakota soon enough.

so let’s agree, shall we, that south dakota is BEAUTIFUL!

and so are shannon and jeff. i mean really.

can’t wait for september, friends!



to see a slideshow with more south dakota gorgeousness, click here.

  1. Shannon

    Awesome!! You told our story so beautifully in word and picture! Love ya Emily! (And thanks for all your hard work!) :)

  2. oh em geeeeees! i love the ones on the beach. so prettty! amazing work emily!

  3. Love the use of the blanket, and the books. And then, the sunset ones….aaaaaaaaaamazing!

  4. Odile

    Congratulations Shannon,
    Dawn sent your link to me and this is a beautiful way to share your speacial moment with everyone. She was impressed with the way it was done and even from afar I feel we are sharing as well. Enjoy every moment of this preparation time to the most wonderful day in your life. You are both making memories and will remember these times forever…..
    All the best wishes go to you and Jeff…
    Odile & Moe Alarie

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